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June/July 2014

Life Story

Kristin Lehman

Subscribers Only — Kristin Lehman, who trained classically at Canada’s Royal Academy of Dance, would have been a dancer had an ankle injury not sidelined her. Looking around for a different venue, she saw acting as a natural segue. Born in Toronto and raised in Vancouver, Lehman now lives and works in Canada. Known to audiences in both Canada and the United States, the 42-year-old actress has played recurring roles in Felicity, Judging Amy and other television dramas. She was critically lauded for her role in the murder mystery The Killing and now stars in CTV television dramatic crime series, Motive. She’s recently completed two films, including Toronto Film Festival favorite, Arthur Newman. Lehman takes great pride in being a hands-on mom. For the past few years, her priority has been raising her 4-year-old son, Sam, with husband and fellow actor, Adam Reed. Recently, Lehman sat down with Gluten Free & More to talk about her special-diet lifestyle.   More...

Lifestyle Q&A - Paranoid About My Popovers

Subscribers Only — My friends dine together frequently—birthdays, holidays, dinner parties—and I always bring gluten-free bread or dessert since I’m gluten sensitive. I think I’m a pretty good baker and my friends always say how great my stuff is. But I wonder if they’re just being nice. I’d much rather be eating normal food so certainly they would, too. It’s occurred to me that everyone is gagging behind my back.   More...