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Dec/Jan 2012


Senior Celiacs

Four years ago, Gladys Glenn, then 66, had gall bladder surgery. In the months afterward, the retired medical secretary from Durham, North Carolina, noticed that her occasional stomach troubles—bloating and constipation—were growing worse. Glenn wasted no time getting back to her physician, but when she asked to be tested for celiac disease, the doctor shook her head. “You couldn’t have celiac disease,” she told Glenn. When results came back a week later, Glenn’s doctor was stunned and apologetic: tests were positive for celiac disease. She was soon diagnosed with both celiac disease and DH.   More...

An Elegant Gluten-Free Holiday Affair

Decorations and presents are festive this time of year - but a table laden with beautiful food is the heart of the holidays. Celebrating the season gathered around an extraordinary meal is a meaningful gift, particularly when everyone can partake with gusto and without worry. Here’s an elegant, allergy-friendly menu filled with mouthwatering, sweet and savory flavors that’s easy to prepare. The secret to success is a bit of early preparation. The rest is a piece of cake.   More...

Afraid of a Reaction

Subscribers Only — The experience is all too familiar. You sit down for a meal and take a bite of a supposedly safe dish. Then something starts to happen. Your chest feels tight, your breathing quickens, your lips and throat seem to tingle. Are these early signs of an allergic reaction? In that moment of anxiety, it can be difficult to know for sure.   More...