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Living Without's Favorites: Spread It Around

MindfulMayo Dressing and Sandwich Spread passed the ultimate taste test. We slathered it on gluten-free tomato sandwiches—just tomatoes, salt, MindfulMayo—and no one suspected it wasn’t the real thing. Congrats to Earth Balance for this tasty, new egg-free, dairy-free mayo. Available in three varieties (original, extra virgin olive oil, organic), MindfulMayo works great as a one-for-one mayo replacement on sandwiches, in recipes and for any dish that calls for regular mayonnaise. Also worth mentioning: Organic Coconut Spread, Earth Balance’s newest butter replacement. Extra virgin coconut oil replaces soybean oil in a formula similar to Earth Balance’s buttery spread. Use it like butter in baking—and it’s just plain delicious on hot gluten-free toast. Earth Balance products are available nationwide.


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