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Gluten-Free Almond Coconut Roulade

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Gluten-Free Almond Coconut Roulade

SERVES 12-15

This versatile gluten-free dessert can be rolled with whipping cream, strawberry filling or a filling of your choice. Garnish with fresh berries and toasted almonds, if tolerated.

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  • Strawberry-Rhubarb Hemp Smoothie


    Think of this gluten-free smoothie as a strawberry rhubarb crisp in a glass. It makes a nutritious breakfast and afternoon thirst-quencher. Whirling hemp protein into the mix slows down digestion, making the smoothie more satiating. This makes hemp protein powder a valuable,...

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  • Mediterranean Chicken Flatbread Pizzas


    These gluten-free individual pizzas have a Mediterranean vibe. Hemp oil and hemp seeds are wonderful replacements for olive oil and pine nuts in the pesto. Nutritional yeast provides a dairy-free cheesy flavor in lieu of Parmesan. Omit the chicken for a vegetarian meal. The...

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  • Gluten-Free Coconut Lemon Sponge Cake


    Recipes for lemon coconut sponge cake are healthy, modern updates on classic desserts. This light variation of sponge cake is reminiscent of coconut custard pie. Although best served the same day it is baked, it can be made one day ahead and stored at room temperature, covered...

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  • Cream Cheese Biscuits


    Here’s the ultimate melt-in-your-mouth biscuit reworked for your gluten-free diet. (It can be made dairy-free, too.) So good, your grandmother will never know these are gluten-free. To save steps, replace the dry ingredients (except the sugar) with 2 cups Biscuit Mix.

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  • Gluten & Your Brain

    In 2008, Julie Hahn, then 51, dropped and broke every one of her coffee mugs in a matter of weeks. The Colorado Springs resident had not only become suddenly and inexplicably clumsy, she was also having trouble with her balance. It wasn’t long before Hahn’s gastroenterologist, Scot Lewey, DO, clinical professor of medicine at Kansas City University of Medicine and Bioscience, confirmed the celiac diagnosis. Hahn had celiac antibodies and her intestinal villi were flattened. Lewey also diagnosed gluten ataxia, a gluten-related autoimmune disorder that causes damage to the cerebellum, the balance and coordination center of the brain.

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    Debra Messing

    Debra Messing didn’t rest on her laurels after starring in the hit sitcom Will & Grace. She got busy on NBC’s Smash and on the big screen’s Nothing Like the Holidays, The Women and other films. The working mom of 10-year-old son, Roman, currently co-stars on Broadway in Outside Mullingar. In 1998, Messing hit pay dirt when she was cast as Grace Adler in television’s Will & Grace. She won multiple awards, including an Emmy, while starring in the popular show, which ran for eight seasons and made her a household name. But all the while, she was struggling with severe allergies that were sometimes debilitating. Here, the 45-year-old redhead talks about that experience with Living Without.

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